The white oak

This kitchen was all about functionality, we had a very small space to work with and the owners wanted to give the stage to the white oak wood. We brought 2 worlds together, while the husband loved the authenticity of the old and rustic, real wood, strong and sturdy, and the wife wanted brightness and colors to come alive, a timeless magazine feel and hidden cupboards this kitchen screams warmth in the most updated way possible.

Sea Breeze

Beachfront property that pulls inspiration from its surrounding environments. A modern look with clean symmetry and high-end appliances makes you feel like you are a part of nature.


A modern wonder, highlighting the Aphrodite Granite from Madagascar made with Mica and Labradorite. This bathroom’s beauty is in the details. Lit shower niche, custom lineal closet and floating vanity make this bathroom standout. The seashell inspires sinks add harmony, and tie together this simplistic bathroom.


A beautiful condo located in the heart of San Diego, this is a very desirable location. Right on the water this condo has all the best amenities. Custom cabinets that make the best of the space, built in laundry unit in kitchen, modern office space within the building, custom closets to store so much more, stunning bathrooms with ocean aesthetics, this is a classic San Diego beach life condo.

Mid-century vibes

Mid-century design is what this house is all about! Using unique accent tiles to revive the old hidden fireplace and entry way, with seamless cabinetry bring together a colorful balance in the interior design. This house has a calm atmosphere and makes you appreciate the space wherever you look.

The new traditional

Custom, Custom, Custom! Every corner of this kitchen was customized to create a high end functional kitchen experience. With the stove being the center of attention, the view is very hard to beat. Facing the beautiful east San Diego Mountains this kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests, or cooking your favorite meal with the family.