Let your imagination create, and let us put it in front of your eyes:

3D Rendering & Architectural visualization have revolutionized the way we do things in the industry, and when you put your trust in EN International, you get access to these cutting-edge technologies, and the expertise of our crew at your fingertips.

We start building from that vision you have for the remodeling venture. Taking care of the most complex details of the project, like measurements, materials, estimated costs, paperwork, which leave you to be the creative force that fuels the whole thing.

Think colors, textures, feeling, and synergies in decoration while we sort out the rest, and finally see that vision come to life right in front of your eyes in our flawless 3D Rendering.

Take a visual, virtual tour of the future of your space, even before the first brick is laid.

As hands-on as you want it to be:

Remember that with us, a remodeling venture is a process to be experienced and enjoyed, so in the process you can be as hands-on or not as you wish.

Maybe you have a clear, definite idea of what you want and just need us to assist you in making it happen.

Maybe you have a sense and feel of what you want but have no tangible idea of how it all comes together.

Whatever your situation is, by contacting us you have gained a powerful, experienced, creative partner; Able to walk hand-in-hand with you and take care of your vision as your concept comes to fruition.

Inspiration, accessibility, and reliability:

It doesn’t matter how many redecoration and remodeling project we take on; one variable remains unchanged so far: Each and every client we’ve had becomes amazed the first time they look at the 3D rendering of their concept. And right after that ideas start flaring up in their minds.

It is one thing to keep it all in your head. But once you see it, once you are able to compare, move, shaped, and play with it, a fantastic surge of Inspiration and creativity will invariably hit you and will make the end product even better.

Finally, it is an invaluable opportunity to see when something isn’t right. Which of the components you had envisioned – if any – don’t exactly fit with the rest of the whole.

Having a 3D rendering of that new bedroom, where you can see the dimensions and furniture placement; or seeing that new living room realistically lighted and decorated in front of you, gives you that final sense of how it all comes together, and most importantly, gives you an opportunity to course correct if necessary.


Your imagination is the limit.

Play around and change it all until you arrive at that unique configuration of objects, colors, and textures, that expresses who you are.


  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White
  • Wood

Architectural Design


Form is meant to serve so much more than mere function. Skillful planning and attention to detail go into each of our projects, to ensure an end result that maximizes the space, function, and aesthetical appeal of each area.




Color palettes, textures, styles of furnishings, and even special architectural features intended to evoke specific feelings, are all elements of the ensemble that we meticulously weave together in order to bring about our client’s particular vision.




Strategic partnering with the best construction firms in the area gives us the opportunity to offer our clients simply the finest workmanship available, capable to achieve the perfect execution of the project from paper, into reality.


Project Management


A lot of work and moving pieces come to play after final design has been approved. Order placement, work scheduling, delivery arrangements, and coordination between contractors and clients are all essential to ensure the project is accomplished according to our high standards.

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