Welcome to En International Design

Hi! We are Ella and Nicolas Gallardo, we’ve shaped the powerhouse that is EN International today. Over the years, we’ve refined an excellent work dynamic that takes advantage of each other’s abilities. Our role in the game is to step in first and assist you as the best possible design emerges organically. Yes, beauty and aesthetics are priorities in any project, but we also concern ourselves with viability, making sure the whole plan is functional and achievable. Our work is iterative in nature, so we meet regularly with our clients and keep in contact throughout the whole undertaking. From the first meeting, where we build the initial 3D rendering, and in every building stage after that, we keep contact with You, for review, approval, and to provide ample opportunities for changes and new ideas.

Our biggest focus is to bring your vision to reality; To help you as we have hundreds of other clients to do so!

Who We Are

Ella’s a passionate and innovative interior designer, she has an excellent approach and communication to solve any kind of project and proven ability to generate fresh solutions, following budget and quality. she started in the business a little over four years ago when her husband (Nicolas) opened that door and introduced her to the industry.
Nico’s an architect from Argentina, and he has been in the business for more than fifteen years. Most of it doing design and being involved in all aspects of construction work, garnering experience as a Construction Project Manager. He will provide you all the knowledge for details and structural alterations. Proficient at planning architectural details and interpreting blueprints, assessing and developing design plans.

Like a team, we are usually in charge of communicating with the clients and making sure their vision and needs translate well into the rest of the project, doing everything in our power to ensure the project comes to fruition in the most effective manner. Renovating a space is a substantial endeavor, one that requires significant commitments of time and resources. However, it is also an exciting and unique opportunity in which you get to express yourself. You get to convey who you are, and what you want, through the good use of your surroundings. That is precisely the part of the experience we want you to take the most advantage of.

We keep a close track of your project’s budget and follow its needs carefully as far as paperwork and city permits go. The idea here is that we take care of the most stressful side of things, so you can focus on the creative, fun parts of the design process. We worry so you won’t have to. At EN International, we have a hands-on work ethics and treat every project as our own. We’ve found that to be the best way to achieve the incredible results our clients love.


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