About Us

En design and build was established on 2016 and is your one stop shop for all design and construction needs

We specialize in residential building and designing, where we guide you through the whole process, what to expect and how to do it the right way. Our biggest focus is to bring your vision to reality; to help you bring your dream house from your imagination into the real world. We have done this for hundreds of satisfied clients, and know that we can provide you the service that you have been looking for.


Ella’s a passionate and innovative certified interior designer, she has an excellent approach and communication skills and this helps her to bring out the best in any project she works on. She has a proven ability to generate fresh solutions, following budgets and ensuring quality.
Nico was an architect in Argentina for 15 years, then moved to the United States and is now a general contractor. He has been in the business for 2 decades. He is involved in all aspects of construction work, planning, budgeting, and building.
He will provide you with all the knowledge needed to have a successful build out plan for your project. Assessing and developing design plans, interpreting blueprints and solving any problem that may arise on the job site. We are a part of your team, we are usually in charge of communicating with the clients and making sure their vision and needs translate well into the rest of the project, doing everything in our power to ensure the project comes to fruition in the most effective manner.

Over the years, we’ve refined an excellent work dynamic that brings out the best in each other’s abilities

We plan, we design, we budget, we build, and we manage.

We worry so that you won’t have to

Our role at EN is to step in first and assist you with your needs, the best possible design emerges organically, so we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and making sure we understand their vision prior to bringing our expertise to the table. Beauty and aesthetics are priorities in any project, but we also concern ourselves with viability, functionality, and overall longevity.

Our work is personal in nature, so we meet regularly with our clients and keep constant contact throughout the whole undertaking, because we feel communication is key to the success of any project. From the first meeting , through the 3D rendering process, and every building stage after that, we always keep you in the loop, for review, approval, and to provide ample opportunities for changes and new ideas.