Residential Homes Remodeling and New Build.

Lic# 1068140 | General B and C-27


Here is how the process goes

Initial Design

This is where we review everything that the client is looking to manifest throughout the project. We begin mock-ups, and preliminary design ideas. We like to provide our clients with multiple ideas at this stage, so that they can choose the best direction for their specific needs.

Planning and Budgeting

This stage is crucial to the success of any build, before we can begin we must iron out the final budget proposals, making sure that our design ideas and approved mock ups will fit within the restraints of the project. Everyone has a limit to what they are willing to spend, this is where we verify that the plan we are going to execute fits within the agreed upon budget parameters.

Shopping for Finishes

The fun part begins! After we come up with the perfect floor plan that is within budget, we can begin shopping for all the interior finishes-the countertops, the flooring, the bathroom tile etc. This is the stage where we make sure we acquire all the necessary materials to have a successful build.

3D rendering

This step is where the client gets to see their dream house through a realistic 3D rendering and get a real sense of what their house will look like, this is a critical stage where both the client and the builders can make sure the vision has been brought to life before the start of the construction.

Plans and city permits

We work closely with a team of engineers, drafters and city permit runners. This step is where we get all proper paperwork filled out and filed for the city, and county (if necessary).

Build/construction/project management

Now we can begin the project fully! After approval of all design ideas and getting the proper permits we can begin to bring your dream into reality! The building can take some time, and each project is different, but we will be there for you every step of the way. We provide ourselves on our communication skills and are always available for our clients.