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EN International Design

Your vision, our invention.

Rendering Visualization

At EN International, we believe in a rather simple work philosophy: To bring about our client’s visions to reality

We approach design as another avenue to convey beauty, artistry, and style while maintaining the highest standards of functionality. It is a process on which we take separate elements, and organically combine them to bring about a result that is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Through years of experience in the market, we’ve acquired the know-how and logistics necessary to undertake remodeling and design project of any scope, and every job is handled with the same nuanced approach and attention to detail, regardless of size.

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Working with EN Design was an awesome experience. They helped us put together our remodeling plans and even worked out some details that I hadn´t realized were missing. They were also really fast and reasonably priced. Their communication during the whole project was seamless, and they even arranged a visit to see the completed project. They showed real interest in us, and it is something we appreciate a lot. Next project is kitchen ….. you know who were calling ???? ...


I met Ella and Nico about a year ago through a coworker of mine and we hire them to help us with our kitchen design. WE ARE SO HAPPY WE DID IT because I we though that we know so much but when you sit with professionals you get the RIGHT perspective of a lot of things. the 3D was amazing, and the process was fun and full of details, so it was perfect for my engineer husband ???? A few months ago, we called them saying we are finally ready to do the job. Nicolas came over the a few days later with all our plans and 3D, reviewed all the scope of work again and got moving on the project! Nico and Ella are the best project managers we could wish for !!!! not only they are polite, patient and creative and are so knowledge and they don’t miss any detail in the job! Love our new kitchen and loved our experience! Highly recommending starting with EN! they just do it our way- the right way! ...


My mother recently bought a new house and we wanted to renovate our front and back yard landscape, unfortunately we don’t have a good eye for design so at first we called many contractors and no one really listened to us + my mom is very old and picky, What we noticed is everyone just wanted to sale us the job but no one cared enough to put in time or effort to hear us out ! We found EN online because we finally realized we need to look for designer first before we are looking for a contractor …. BEST route we took! Within a few days Ella came out, discussed what my mother was looking for. After Ella's suggestions of what might work and look good my mother and Ella came up with a design. Nico is extremely knowledgeable and polite! He provided a virtual 3D proposal of what the yard could look like, she was very excited and LOVED what he had proposed. The entire job was done in segments and Ella was so personal able and would come and check on the progress to make sure everything was as my mother wanted. There was never a time that both Ella and Nico did not know what or how the progress of the job was going. EN was ALWAYS there responding to our texts, phone calls within the hour, never worried about them not following through with anything throughout the project. ...


My wife and I purchased a house built in the 1800s, and we wanted to remodel the basement. But we were afraid to ruin the building´s vintage feel with invasive modern design ideas. We had talked to many remodeling firms that just took notes and said they could start work immediately, but that raised many concerns for us. We finally went to see EN Design, and they immediately understood our worries. After we showed them some pictures of our house, and some examples we had seen in magazines, they created this amazing 3D model of our basement that faithfully reflected the concepts we had while respecting its original aura. Ella and Nico are also an adorable couple and their chemistry is utterly contagious. We loved working with them and are looking forward to working with them again. ...

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Architectural Design

Form is meant to serve so much more than mere function. Skillful planning and attention to detail go into each of our projects, to ensure an end result that maximizes the space, function, and aesthetical appeal of each area.


Interior Design

Color palettes, textures, styles of furnishings, and even special architectural features intended to evoke specific feelings, are all elements of the ensemble that we meticulously weave together in order to bring about our client’s particular vision.



Strategic partnering with the best construction firms in the area gives us the opportunity to offer our clients simply the finest workmanship available, capable to achieve the perfect execution of the project from paper, into reality.


Project Management

A lot of work and moving pieces come to play after final design has been approved. Order placement, work scheduling, delivery arrangements, and coordination between contractors and clients are all essential to ensure the project is accomplished according to our high standards.

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